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  • State of the art holistic flea & tick prevention uses your pet's energy
  • Long lasting protection begins working in 3 weeks and lasts for a full year
  • No chemicals or pesticides, this tag is safe for dogs, cats, and people
  • Easy to use - just place on your pet's collar for effective pest repelling
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed to repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes
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Benefits of Only Natural Pet Easy Defense Flea & Tick Tag for Dogs & Cats

Safe & Effective

Free from harmful chemicals with no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates or parabens

Complete Protection

For best results, combine 2-3 natural flea & tick products to repel pests inside & out

100% Happiness

100% Happiness guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked

Ingredient Standards

Our products are guaranteed to meet our rigorous ingredient standards

EasyDefense Flea and Tick Tag

Simply attach the EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag to your dog or cat's collar and product from biting insects for a full year. 



Eliminate fleas by treating your pet, home & yard with natural flea & tick killers


For best results, combine 2-3 natural prevention products to protect your pet


Create an invisible barrier around your home to repel fleas, ticks & mosquitos

It worked great for us! I have a 7 year old rescued Australian Cattle Dog x Labrador Retriever... I saw the ONPS flea/tick tag online and thought I would try it out. fleas, no ticks! Not even one! I like that it doesn't contain chemicals and doesn't irritate my dog's skin. We are both very thankful.

Timothy H.

Frequently Asked Questions

The EasyDefense Tag lasts 1 year when attached and used as directed. 

Your pet is protected from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes when wearing the tag so it is important to keep the tag on your pet's collar and the collar on your pet in order for the tag to work. You may remove the collar with the tag at night if you keep it in your pet's bed next to them. After the initial "activation" phase is complete (the first 3-4 weeks) the collar with the tag can be removed for very short amounts of time (for example, a bath) but should be put back on your pet immediately afterwards.

The EasyDefense Tag will not be harmed by normal wear and tear but in order to maintain effectiveness, occasionally rinse the tag with water only to remove the dirt and oils that may build up on the tag.

The EasyDefense Tag is waterproof. However, just make sure that during the initial "activation" phase (the first 4 weeks) that you remove the tag during baths and long swims. After that 4 week period is over it is fine to leave the tag on while your pet is in the water.

The metal tag contains silicon dioxide particles that are encoded with frequencies that the tag then emits over time. These frequencies are annoying to pests, so they stay away from the pet wearing the tag. The tag is also encoded with frequencies that will synchronize with your pet's own unique biological frequency, which helps to support their immune system. This is why the tag must be kept on or near the pet at all times, and why it takes a few weeks for it to reach maximum effectiveness. A strong immune system is part of a strong defense against pests, because pests are more attracted to animals with a weaker immune system.
No, since the EasyDefense Tag is a repellent, it is not an appropriate solution to treat an existing infestation on its own. If your house or your pet is already infested with fleas, wash your pet with our EasyDefense Flea & Tick Shampoo before attaching the EasyDefense Tag and vacuum indoor areas thoroughly. Next, treat your pet, your floors, your pet's furniture, and any other infested furniture with Only Natural Pet All-in-One Flea Remedy to help eradicate the fleas and their larvae.

Since the EasyDefense Tag does not use electromagnetic energy, there is no danger or harm to your pet if they have a microchip. Additionally, the effectiveness of neither the EasyDefense Tag nor the microchip will be compromised.

Since the level of electricity utilized in shock collars and electric/invisible fences can affect your pet's biological system and compromise their immune health, we do not recommend using the EasyDefense Tag if your pet wears a shock collar or is around an electric or invisible fence.


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