Only Natural Pet ProteinBites Plant-Based Banana & Peanut Butter Flavor Jerky Treats for Dogs -

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  • Delicious banana & peanut butter flavored jerky dog treat
  • Plant-based, vegetarian dog treat naturally high in protein
  • Made with 15% upcycled food ingredients, preventing food waste
  • Each bag is made with 20% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Every bag is certified carbon neutral by Carbon Credit Capital
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Benefits of Only Natural Pet ProteinBites Plant-Based Banana & Peanut Butter Flavor Jerky Treats for Dogs

High Protein

Packed with high-quality vegetarian protein to help support lean muscles and give dogs the taste they crave.

Natural Treat

Amazing crunch and natural nutrition combine to give your dog the perfect training or anytime treat.

Earth Friendly

Vegetarian recipe features 15% upcycled ingredients, a 25% post-consumer plastic bag and certified carbon neutral.

Delicious Flavor

Highly-palatable recipe combines two of your dog's favorite flavors: bananas and natural peanut butter.

Vegetarian Dog Treat

Completely vegetarian recipe is suitable for vegan and vegetarian households or flexitarian dog diets.

Plant-Based, High Protein

Made with natural vegetarian protein and combining the delicious taste of peanut butter and upcycled bananas, these chewy dog treats offer irresistible texture and taste. Perfect for training or an anytime snack. Loved by vegetarian and flexitarian dogs alike!

1 Delicious Taste

Dogs can't resist peanut butter & bananas!

2 High Protein

Each high protein snack supports your dog's healthy muscles & overall health!

3 Upcycled Ingredients

Upcycled ingredients help reduce food waste & support environmental sustainability.

4 Carbon Neutral

Every bag of ProteinBites plant-based treats is certified carbon neutral by Carbon Credit Capital.

Frequently Asked Questions

We made our vegetarian dog treats to give your dog a healthy, delicious, protein-packed treat while lessening their environmental impact. Plant-based diets, including treats, can help reduced greenhouse gas emissions. But we wanted to make sure your dog enjoyed eating them, too. That's why we created our line of plant-based, upcycled treats.
Absolutely! Whether your dog is on a complete vegetarian diet, including vegetarian food, or a flexitarian that enjoys a Meatless Monday every once in a while, dogs can definitely enjoy a vegetarian diet.
Not only is peanut butter a healthy source of protein & fat for dogs, but it's also delicious! As with any treat, make sure you feed in moderation.
Carbon neutral means this product had zero net greenhouse gas emissions. Since we currently need to release greenhouse gas emissions to produce our products, we offset those by partnering with Carbon Credit Capital to calculate the amount released and then investing in projects that prevent an equal amount of emissions from entering the atmosphere. These projects include rainforest preservation and biogas capturing.
Upcycled ingredients are ingredients that look too "ugly" or "imperfect" for the grocery store, but are just as healthy. Using upcycled ingredients means this product has a smaller environmental footprint, from reducing food waste to limiting greenhouse gas emissions, but has the big nutrition and taste your pet loves!


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