Only Natural Pet Pork & Menhaden Cold Pressed Dog Food -

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  • Cold pressed at low temperatures for nutrition and flavor
  • Easy digestibility and nutrient absorption
  • Perfect for dogs with food sensitivities
  • Made in the USA from natural, globally sourced ingredients
  • Grain free with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Available in a 2 Pack!
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Benefits of Only Natural Pet Pork & Menhaden Cold Pressed Dog Food

Quality Ingredients

Start by blending all natural, nutritious ingredients

Under Pressure

Gently press mixture to lock in flavor and nutrients

Low Temperatures

Use only low temperatures to protect natural goodness

Convenient Goodness

Final result is a bag of delicious, nutritious morsels

The Best a Bag Can Offer

Our Cold Pressed dry dog food offers powerfully convenient nutrition. Easy on your dog’s stomach, it provides all your dog needs without the belly aches and bloating. And it’s easy on your day. No need to defrost, refrigerate, cook, cut, or clean. Just rip and tip. Amazing, delicious, energizing food for your dog. Convenience for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cold pressed dog food isn’t actually a kibble at all! Rather than being a baked, biscuit like texture, these nutrient-packed pieces are longer and generally meatier looking. But the difference doesn’t stop at how the food looks. It goes to the actual composition itself which makes it easier to digest.

As the name implies, ground ingredients are taken, mixed with cold water, cooked quickly at low temperatures, and pressed into the desired dog-appropriate shape. It’s a technique that preserves lots of the natural nutritional value of the ingredients. This is quite different from the classic way dry dog food is made, which includes high cooking temperatures.

Cold pressed dog food is way more palatable because it preserves much of the original flavor and scent of the ingredients used. This makes it a favorite for owners who have fussy dogs that tend to turn up their nose at a lot of other kibbles they may have tried.

Cold pressed dog food doesn’t expand when eaten and digested like extruded foods. Instead, it breaks down quickly and naturally, making it very easily digestible. Plus, cold pressed dog food retains more nutrients than other popular, which is especially true of oils, enzymes and vitamins, which can be lost at those higher temperatures in the extrusion process.


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