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Your Pet is as Unique as a Snowflake...

And that only makes holiday shopping for them harder! But that's where the fun starts! As your pet experts, we've created a list of the most common pet personalities we've come across. This includes adventurers, couch potatoes, and everyone in between. So use this list in confidence; we guarantee you'll find the perfect pet present this holiday season!

Cuddle Bug

Huggy Bear (The Cuddlebug)

What's good for the pup is good for the pack; that's why I stick as close as your shadow. Whether we're sitting on the sofa or walking on the trail, I like to be close and I love contact. This means you need plenty of treats nearby, toys must be for both of us, and you better be prepared for plenty of puppy hair on your clothes.

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Billy the Kid

Billy (The Kid)

I'm a young pup that's ready for anything! I'm quick on the draw when it comes to anything that involves fun: play, eating, snuggling. Unfortunately, trouble is my middle name. This means I need forgiving toys, plenty of chews to keep me away from the shoes, and healthy treats for a growing body.

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Cuddle Bug

Hercules (The Jock)

I don't call it showing off because I'm always on. When it comes to performing tricks, fetching the ball, or chasing my friends at the dog park, I have no problem finding my stride. Tough toys are the tools of my trade, along with natural treats for all those calories I burn, and of course, a comfy spot to recoup.

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Estelle (The Golden Girl)

They call them the golden years for a reason. I'm a faithful companion that loves every moment spent together, whether it's an evening on the couch or an autumn walk. I've seen plenty of tennis balls come and go, but the most important things for me are a delicious meal, a relaxing bed, and a soft toy for some gentle play.

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Eeyore (The Lounge-a-bout)

Lazy is a loaded word; I prefer the Sultan of Sleep. I'm a true dozing devotee who loves finding the soft spot in your heart as much as the soft spot on the sofa. You may think I'm a pup of little needs, but I love a good bed, a tug toy for in between naps, and of course a tasty meal and nutritious treats so my figure stays fit.

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Casanova (The Charmer)

I'm a lover, not a hider. Whether I'm rubbing against your legs, getting belly scratches, or kneading your lap, I'm always the center of attention. If you want to stay in my good graces, you better makes sure you have plenty of my favorite treats, interactive toys, and as much love as you have.

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Cleopatra (The Queen)

I'm the quintessential kitty diva; everything revolves around me. My palace needs to be just the way I like it and my wait staff, I mean people, are wrapped around my claw. Of course, I only purr in the lap of luxury with the most decadent treats, the finest toys, and a bed fit for a queen.

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Twiggy (The Fashion-Plate)

Fabulous isn't just an adjective, it's a state of mind. Looking good is a full time job: constant grooming, doing my nails, and of course, taking care of my body with plenty of exercise & healthy food. All I'm interested in are the tools of the trade, like a scratcher for my nails, a nice brush, fashionable collar, and plenty of skin products.

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Magellan (The Explorer)

Indoors or out, all nine of my lives are spent finding the unknown and testing my limits. You may have read about me in the history books: after discovering the top of the refrigerator, I ventured into the basement of unknowns. Like any great explorer, I need healthy treats, monsters to defeat, and, of course, a comfy bed to return home to.

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