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"I just want to let you know how wonderful the Only Natural Pet Store simplify life ordering is. It is easy to use, easy to change, shipments arrive on time. Absolutely fabulous. I was sort of afraid to try the simplify life program because I really didn't know how fast we went through a bag of cat food. But I have been able to adjust and tweak the timing. If I have more food left and a shipment is coming soon, I can just change the date of the next shipment. Or if I am running out, I can move up the date of the next shipment. It's great. I emailed because I am so happy (and surprised, I guess) that the web site works perfectly! Shipments are easy to schedule and change. Thanks."

- Michele, Allentown, PA

Simply Life Automatic Delivery Program Details - Getting Started...

1. Find the product you wish to order on our website.

2. Look for the "Auto Delivery" option and choose the circle next to the discounted price.

3. Select the interval you would like your products delivered at by using the "Ship Now & Every:" dropdown menu Choose any interval from 2 weeks to 20 weeks. Don't worry about getting the frequency exactly right, just use your best guess. You can always change the frequency, accelerate or postpone a delivery, temporarily suspend delivery, or completely cancel the deliveries.

4. Click the orange "add  to cart +" button. Do this for all the items you would like to receive, and then go through the normal checkout process. Your first order will ship immediately, and subsequent orders will be processed according to the weekly frequency you choose.

Please Note: If you choose an Express shipping method (for example 2nd Day Air) for your initial order, your account will be set up with that as the default shipping method for future orders. At any time after your first order ships, you can log in to your account and change the shipping method, or you can reply to your first Pre-Order Notification email for the next order and we can update the shipping method for you.

Once the selected items are in your Simplify Life account:
  • You always get 15% off any Only Natural Pet brand items. (These products read "Manufacturer: Only Natural Pet" under the "Details" tab on the item page.)
  • You always get 10% off all other brands we sell.
  • You always get FREE SHIPPING on all orders $79 and over and flat rate $6.99 on all other orders.

We intend to continue growing the program's many rewards. Please let us know what improvements would benefit you by emailing us your ideas at slp@onlynaturalpet.com.

How We Communicate:

If you have a spam filter, make sure to add us to your address book or safe senders list! We send pre-order notifications from slp@onlynaturalpet.com and all other order and program communication from service@onlynaturalpet.com.

Order Reminders

For every scheduled order you will receive an email four days ahead of time with a list of the items scheduled to ship. You have until midnight mountain time the day before to make changes online via the My Account link, or until 5 PM mountain time to contact us by phone to make the changes for you.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THE PRE-ORDER EMAILS! They let you ensure you are receiving the correct items and quantities, the shipping method and address are correct, and the correct credit card will be charged. Although rare, we do communicate about any backordered items in this email as well.

Back Orders

Occasionally an item may have a delay, and when we are aware of the delay from the vendor we will notify you in your pre-order email. If the back ordered item is the only item on the order, the Next Order Date will be advanced by one week. If there are other items on your order that are available to ship, the Next Order Date will advance along with the other items by the weekly interval you have chosen (in other words, it will be skipped for that order).

Price Changes

Please check the pricing on your pre-orders. We only pass on price changes when a vendor has increased their prices to us. We try to notify you via email on large food brands and treats, but occasionally, our notice from the vendor on the change does not meet the timing.

Order Confirmation and Tracking

On the day your order is processed you will receive an email receipt. When it is shipped you will receive another email with information on the expected delivery date and a link to track the shipment.

Problems Processing Your Order

Occasionally, credit cards expire, decline, change, or get cancelled and you forget to notify us in your busy life! We understand, and we will still allow the system to generate your order, but you will receive an email reminder that there has been a problem and we need your help to fix and confirm so you will not be delayed further.

Expiring Credit Cards

About 1-2 weeks prior to your credit card on file expiring, you will receive a courtesy reminder to update the card's expiration date or enter a new card in the Simplify Life portion of your account.


If you have any questions about the Simplify Life Program, or any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call us at 888-937-6677 or email us at service@onlynaturalpet.com.

We will look forward to providing you and your animal companion the best in customer service and natural pet supplies... naturally!

We always offer you the lowest of the sale price, the price with a coupon code discount, or the Simplify Life automatic delivery price. You can tell which one applies because it will say "Sale Savings:" if the item is on sale and that is the lowest price, "Coupon Savings:" if you have applied a coupon code discount and that is the lowest price, or "SLP Savings:" if you have selected the Simplify Life automatic delivery program and that is the lowest price.

Special Offers at Special Prices!

Click the checkbox next to any items you would like below and we will add them to your order with no increase in your shipping cost.

Only Natural Pet 6" Vitality Stick

  • Specially formulated bully stick that supports wellness & tastes great
  • Features l-carnitine, spinach powder & resveratrol for overall vitality
  • Irresistible taste & tough texture that dogs love
Save 40%!

Only Natural Pet Clumping Pine Cobble Cat Litter

  • Highly absorbent with superior odor control
  • Low dust, no tracking & flushable
  • Made from sustainably harvested, USA sourced pine
Save 40%!

Only Natural Pet All Meat Bites Wild Salmon 1.7oz

  • Made from 100% freeze-dried, wild caught salmon
  • High protein, low-fat & single ingredient treat
  • Freeze-dried for maximum nutrition and irresistible taste & texture
Save 40%!