Supplements for Cat Cellular Support

Written by: Dr. Jean Hofve, Holistic Veterinarian, DVM

Are there any cellular support supplements for cats?


My cat, Jenny, needs help with her cellular support. I took her to the vet and the x-ray was sent out to a radiologist to read. The vet I go to doesn't specialize in treatment, et cetera. Jenny doesn't seem to be in any discomfort and seems happy. I have exhausted all avenues of support. I started giving her flax seed oil in her food and that seems to help maintain her respiratory health. I can tell how she's breathing by watching the little black heart marking on her fur. She's a calico. Are there any cellular support supplements for cats? If you could give me any information on natural herbs or supplements, to support her cellular health, I would greatly appreciate it.


We are sorry you are facing such a tough diagnosis with your cat. We can give you some general recommendations for immune and cellular support supplements, but for a complete protocol, we recommend that you contact a holistic veterinarian. Here are some basic suggestions:


Natural cat food is the foundation of good health and this is the most important thing you can do for your cat. A home-prepared diet is best (following recipes to insure complete nutrition).

Many guardians of finicky cats have had great success in using the natural cat food toppers over new cat food to entice them to eat canned or raw food when they are transitioning from dry food to a healthier food.



Immune support supplements can feature a number of modalities, including medicinal mushrooms, antioxidants and herbs, like Cat’s Claw. These can sometimes be featured in the same formula, or could be given separately depending on your comfort with how you "pill" a cat.

Holistic Remedies

Some holistic and herbal remedies for cats, including tinctures based on the Essiac formula, can be very supportive. Also consider adding 4-Life Transfer Factor, a powerful immune support formula, to your cat’s diet.


Other Considerations

Additionally, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association will help you locate a holistic veterinarian in your area. If you cannot find a holistic veterinarian within reasonable driving distance of your home, many of them do phone consultations.

This list includes quite a few supplements, so please keep in mind that any supplements chosen should be added one at a time - each increased gradually over several days to watch for any reaction. Quality of life is an important factor, so if it becomes a struggle to get the any of the supplements administered to your cat, then it may be wise to reconsider their use.

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