Eco-Friendly Cat Beds and Scratchers

With eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced cat beds and scratchers, we make sure nap time is a happy time for everyone. We only offer the best quality selection and 100% guaranteed to meet your standards!

Cats love to curl up and relax in a soft, comfortable bed – and we've got the purrfect selection of organic cat beds to choose from. Our sustainable cat products feature a number of eco-friendly cat beds made from natural, sustainable materials that are safe for your feline friend. Plus, they're stylish too – choose from a variety of high-quality beds from top brands, including Beonebreed, Yeti Pet, and Imperial Cat.

Our non-toxic cat beds are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit any kitty's needs. So, all that's left for you to do is place your cat's bed in a quiet, comfortable spot where they can relax and get some much-needed rest!

From choosing an organic bed that helps you raise a healthy kitten to a durable option for a multi-cat household, you can find everything your cat needs at Only Natural Pet!