Natural Alternatives for Fungus Problem on Dog Paws

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team


My dog has a fungus problem between his toes. Is there something you can recommend for that?


First, it is important to clip the hair away from the affected areas of your dog’s toes. Then do a good soak in a pan of water with an anti-fungal shampoo once or twice a day, depending on how bad the problem is. You can get an anti-fungal shampoo from your vet. Alternatively you could try a skin & coat shampoo and add 5-10 drops of additional Tea Tree Oil (aka - melaleuca) for a more powerful anti-fungal effect.

For topical treatment following the soak, use Doc Ackerman’s Hot Spot Relief Spray,Only Natural Pet Ear Care.

If this is a chronic problem, you might consider addressing any underlying allergies, supporting your pet's immune system and strengthening the skin & coat. This begins with addressing diet and nutrition. Eliminating wheat, corn and soy from the diet is a good start, and feeding the best possible food you can get – preferably supplemented by REAL FOOD – raw is best, cooked is OK, too. Please read our article, "What You Need to Know About Your Pet’s Food," for more details on healthy diet options. Using a good digestive enzyme whenever feeding processed or cooked food is also very helpful in combating allergies. You may find our article, "Alleviating Your Pet's Itchy Skin," helpful.

In addition, if this is a chronic issue, we recommend a skin & coat supplement to support the skin & coat. Vetri-Science Derma-Strength or Health Concerns Skin Balance can help support your pet's immune system and promote healing – especially during the warmer and more allergy provoking summer months.