Natural Cat Hairball Treatments & Supplements

Written by: Dr. Steve Sanderlin, Holistic Veterinarian, DVM

How Do I Naturally Control Cat Hairballs?


I have a long hair tabby, who is also an indoor cat. She throws up a lot of hairballs, on average once every two weeks.  Is there anything you would recommend?


I highly recommend that cats be fed very high quality canned food or raw food to help prevent hairball problems, (no dry food).  For more information about diet please see What You Need To Know About Your Pets Food.

I also recommend the daily use of digestive enzymes and essential fatty acids.

Typically this all that is needed to solve hairball problems without having to use any additional hairball remedies. Brushing long haired cats on a regular basis is also important to help reduce the amount of hair they ingest when grooming themselves.

For occasional hairball problems try Only Natural Pet Laxa-Herb Herbal Formula or Pet Naturals of Vermont Hairball Relief Plus.