How to Supplement Homemade Food for Dogs

Written by: Dr. Jean Hofve, Holistic Veterinarian, DVM

What Supplements or Base Mix for Raw Dog Food Should I Use for a Homemade Diet?


What supplements or base mix for raw dog food should I use for a homemade diet? I have a two year old Yorkshire Terrier who I feed homemade food.

For example, this week it is a mixture of 2.5 cups cooked rice, 2 boiled chicken breasts, a couple cloves of garlic, and some veggies all ground up. I give her a daily supplement of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Brewer's Yeast.  If I vary the diet what other types of supplements are needed if any?


It is great that you are providing a healthy, home-prepared diet for your dog! Homemade food for dogs is a very good investment in your companion's overall health and longevity.

In addition to the essential fatty acids and Brewer's Yeast, we recommend you add digestive enzymes (since you are feeding grains and cooked food), and some natural vitamins for dogs, including a calcium supplement and a multivitamin.

It would also be good to add organ meats to your dog's diet occasionally as they provide extra nutrients not found in muscle meat. Rotating the meat, carbohydrate and vegetable sources is a good way to help insure balance in your dog's diet.

In addition, you can find some good recipes to help you balance the diet. The following link to Pet contains a general guideline, and there are also many helpful dog food cookbooks available with recipes.

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