What is the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)?

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team

If you share your life with pets, you know just how important it is to keep them healthy and happy. And part of being a responsible pet parent is making sure you give them safe and supportive supplements to help them stay in top condition. That's where the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) comes in.

Here at Only Natural Pet, we're proud to be a member of NASC and we're aligned with their mission. You may have heard of NASC before, but what do they actually do? And why did we join as a member? That's what this article is all about.

Keep on reading to learn more about NASC's mission, their commitment to quality, and the work they're doing to ensure that pet parents have access to safe, high-quality pet supplements.

A Quick Background on NASC

Dog looking up at NASC certified Only Natural Pet Probiotic Blend on the counter

NASC was formed in 2001 in response to the growing need for a regulatory body for the animal supplement industry. At the time, there was no legal category for dietary supplements for animals, and many pet supplements were in danger of being removed from the market.

NASC's founders saw the need for a nonprofit trade organization that would work with state, federal, and international agencies to create regulations for the animal supplement industry. Membership is voluntary, and NASC now has nearly 300 members (including Earth Animal, The Honest Kitchen, Vet Classics, and more), both in the US and internationally.

NASC's Mission & Commitment to Quality

According to NASC's website, "The mission of the National Animal Supplement Council is twofold: to promote the health and wellbeing of companion animals and horses that are given animal health supplements by their owners, and to protect and enhance the animal health supplement industry."

Members of NASC are companies that manufacture, distribute, or sell animal supplements. Together, they work to improve the quality and consistency of animal health supplements sold to consumers. They also address important issues that affect the industry as a whole, with the ultimate goal of elevating industry standards, practices, and products.

The NASC Quality Seal

The NASC Quality Program is a central part of NASC's commitment to quality. This program is designed to help NASC members meet high sourcing, manufacturing, and safety standards. In order to display the NASC Quality Seal on their products, companies must commit to several important quality and safety control measures.

So, what does all this mean? To put it simply, when you see the NASC Quality Seal, you can be confident that the product comes from a responsible NASC member company that has made a commitment to quality and safety. In order to earn the NASC Quality Seal, companies must go through a comprehensive audit and meet strict NASC guidelines.

Only Natural Pet: Proud to be a NASC Member!

A cat looking out the window next to a bottle of NASC certified Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

As we mentioned at the start of this article, we're proud to be a member of NASC. When you see the NASC Quality Seal on our natural dog supplements and natural cat supplements, you can rest assured that they've been through a rigorous quality control process and meet the high standards set by NASC.

We believe in NASC's mission to promote the health and wellbeing of companion animals, and we're committed to providing our customers with safe, high-quality pet supplements. We hope this article has given you a better understanding of NASC and the work they do to ensure that pet parents have access to the best possible products for their furry friends! Find out more by visiting NASC's website.