Canned Food Singles: Update for Cat and Dog Customers

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team

Dear Customers,

We understand that cats are finicky, and their tastes change all the time - sometimes daily!  And we know the joy of adding a little canned food to your dog's kibble without having to buy the whole case. 

Sadly, we have explored all our options and will no longer be able to sell most wet food as single cans or pouches on our website as of October 5th, 2019.  The reason for this is complex and a decision we gave much consideration. Essentially, the cost and environmental impact was just too great to continue shipping so many single cans of food across the country. 

As you are likely aware, Only Natural Pet was one of the few places online to offer single cans and pouches of wet food as a service. If you are one of our customers impacted by this decision, we are sorry. We sincerely hope you continue to purchase your canned food from us and find the room on your pantry shelves (and in your hearts) to stock up on cases moving forward. 

We hope that this will not deter you from rotating your pet’s food between proteins and flavors to make mealtime happier and healthier. 

If you have special needs, we are happy to help you get the correct mix of flavors and proteins (in case packs) for your pets at an affordable price. Please don't hesitate to contact us: 888-937-6677 Mon - Fri 9am to 7pm EST. 

Healthy Regards,  
Only Natural Pet