Sustainability Matters

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team

Start with a Question

But don’t stop there

As an individual, you have lots of choices that have a positive impact on the planet. Buy a hybrid car. Install solar panels on your house. Drink fair trade coffee. Purchase earth-friendly cleaning products. Great ideas! But when you’re in the pet industry, how do you extend socially responsible choices to your business?

This was the question that inspired Only Natural Pet founder Marty Grosjean and two other “big dogs” of the sustainability community, Chris Bentley and Hunter Lovins. These three business leaders shared a vision “that would enable the entire pet industry to engage more positively with the environment and communities where they do business.”

From that vision the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) was created, the pet industry’s leading force for environmental and social responsibility. PSC is a non-profit “business accelerator” that empowers pet-related companies of all sizes to adopt practices that are good for business and good for the planet—including the use of sustainable ingredients and packaging, responsible shipping, community outreach and much more.

PSC’s vital work shows how pet-focused businesses can be a “paws-itive” force for good. Read on to find out how it happens.

Providing the Toolkit

Giving companies what they need to succeed

PSC’s Business Sustainability Toolkit is what makes the magic happen. The Toolkit starts with nuts-and-bolts resources to help pet businesses make themselves more sustainable in areas like supply chain, office efficiency and employee engagement. Then, the Toolkit helps newly earth-friendly businesses talk to like-minded pet owners seeking out the best choices for their furry friends.

Like a four-story cat climbing tree, PSC’s foundation is built upon four core values. Transparency keeps everything out in the open to maintain accountability. Collaboration recognizes the value of collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, brands and retailers. Authenticity reminds us that sincerity means more than “quick wins.” And Implementation Focused means that action is always better than words when it comes to sustainability.

Our Founding Mission

Sustainable from the start

For Only Natural Pet, earth-friendly practices have always been part of our DNA. Our mission is to support long and healthy lives for your pets by providing truly natural products produced in the most environmentally and socially responsible ways we can. When we see new and existing brands alike join PSC and commit themselves to doing things the right way, it’s only natural that we purr a little bit. As a whole bunch of animals sharing one tiny planet, we’re all in this together.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the Pet Sustainability Coalition website

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