CBD & Hemp Products for Dogs

How Can CBD Help my Dog?

Dog parents have found CBD oil and hemp products to be helpful for a range of issues, including pain, anxiety, digestive upset, and skin disorders. We carry several forms of CBD for dogs - from soothing salves to hemp oil treats - so you can give your pup what they need in the best delivery method for the job.

Is it Safe to Give my Dog CBD?

Yes! Our CBD products do not contain THC and will not get your dog “high.” There have been no reported CBD overdoses, and as long as you follow the dosage instructions and your vet’s recommendations, CBD will not make your dog sick.

Ways to Use CBD for Dogs

There are lots of ways to give your dog the benefits of CBD. You can feed hemp dog treats to your pup for double benefits - a yummy treat with soothing effects! Or, you can add CBD oil to your dog’s food for digestive and overall health.