Skin & Itch Support for Dogs

All-natural remedies for stopping the itch, building a fluffy coat and promoting healthy skin.

Itchy skin and hot spots can make life miserable for your pup, so give them the itch relief they deserve with our natural skin and itch relief products. You'll find a wide selection of remedies from trusted brands like Dr. Harvey's, Nordic Naturals, and HomeoPet to help bring them some much-needed relief.

Natural itch relief for dogs comes in many forms, from shampoos and conditioners to supplements and sprays. And with ingredients like salmon oil, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids for dogs, you can rest assured knowing they'll be getting the gentle care they need for skin and coat health.

Dealing with fleas? If your dog is scratching as a result of fleas, you'll need to address the root of the issue with a natural flea and tick repellent for dogs.

Need more support? We offer a wide variety of natural supplements for dogs for a number of conditions, including GI support, allergy support, immune support, and more.