In 2003, Stella & Chewy’s started in a small kitchen as an exclusively raw pet food brand, and over the years has since responsibly expanded beyond raw diets. Stella & Chewy's is committed to providing the Highest Quality natural pet food, with an Emphasis on Nutrition, palatability, safety, & convince. Features responsibly sourced animal proteins and 100% Organic Fruits & Vegetables.

Only Natural Pet is proud to offer a wide selection of Stella & Chewy's dog food products. From natural freeze dried dog food to natural dry dog food, there's something for every pup in this line. Stella & Chewy's is dedicated to providing the highest quality natural pet food, with an emphasis on nutrition, palatability, safety, and convenience.

All the Stella & Chewy's dog food products we sell are made with responsibly sourced animal proteins and 100% organic fruits and vegetables. They're also free from additives and low-quality fillers, so you can feel good about giving them to your furry family member.

Whether you're looking for the best freeze dried dog food or dog food with ancient grains, you'll find the best options with Stella & Chewy's at Only Natural Pet.