Vital Essentials Food
for Dogs & Cats

Dogs and cats need a diet that’s high in protein without being over-processed or irresponsibly sourced. Healthy, delicious, and natural — that’s Vital.  

Vital Essentials sources the best in humanely harvested, premium protein for your pets. Platinum safety standards ensure product freshness and quality, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a raw diet without the worries or hassle. Vital Essentials takes whole-animal, butcher cut protein and freezes it at the peak of freshness, all with minimal processing to preserve the nutrients your pet craves. 

Not only does Vital Essentials produce a wide variety of protein types — beef, chicken, turkey, duck, rabbit, and seafood — but they also provide product options for all sorts of pets, like picky eaters, pets with allergies, and furry friends just looking to spice up mealtime. From freeze-dried entrees, protein mix-ins, toppers, treats, and butcher-cut chews, Vital Essentials has raw food deliciousness to meet any pet owner’s needs.