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Sea "Mobility" provides joint and mobility support from the natural power of Sea Cucumber, MSM, and Glucosamine! These are real beef, chicken or venison (USDA) jerky strips, super-powered with nutraceuticals to help maintain joint support when joint mobility is critical for your dog's lifestyle. Excellent for dogs from puppies to seniors. Great for any dog that can't swallow a pill or capsule.

What is Sea Mobility?
Sea Mobility is a real beef (USDA) jerky strip, super-powered with nutraceuticals to help maintain joint support when joint mobility is critical for your dog's lifestyle. It is more than a snack food or treat for your dog.... it is a functional food.

What is a functional food?
A functional food is a product that encompasses potentially healthful food and includes ingredients that provide a health benefit beyond the traditional nutrients contained in the ingredients of the food itself. The "functional foods" developed by Ark Naturals are not pet foods but are healthy snack foods that address specific pet issues.

What is unique about Sea Mobility?
Ark Naturals has combined real beef (not beef meal) with wheat protein and energy-charged nutraceuticals including: sea cucumber, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and Glucosamine HCL to produce a snack food that will support your dog's performance. Omega-3 (fish oil) and omega-6 (evening primrose oil) have been added to increase its effectiveness. Studies show that by combining these powerful nutraceuticals you can maintain your pet's range of motion, support joint mobility, and support hips and joints.

What is sea cucumber?
Sea cucumber is a marine animal (echinoderm) related to the starfish. It is an excellent source of chondroitin sulfate; it is considered more complete than traditional other chondroitin sources. Sea cucumber has long been used to support joint mobility as well as the body's normal inflammatory response.

What is MSM?
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally occurring sulfur compound in the body. It is necessary for many important bodily processes - in pets as well as in humans. Unfortunately, most foods contain little, if any, MSM, and our bodies must replenish MSM from other sources continually. MSM supports a number of functions, including bone, joint, ligament and connective tissue health.

What is Glucosamine?
Glucosamine is the most fundamental building block in the synthesis of sugar-protein molecules including proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans, glycolipids, and hyaluronate. It plays a major role in the synthesis of collagen, cartilage, bone, skin, and various lubricating fluids in the body. Glucosamine helps to produce synovial fluid critical for the maintenance of joint health, and for supporting the joint's ability to operate with a full range of motion. In cell cultures, glucosamine has been reported to support cartilage synthesis and maintain its health.

What can I expect from Sea Mobility?
This is a delicious, functional snack food and an excellent way to support and maintain mobility in all dogs. It offers exceptional nutritional support for active dogs - working/service dogs, field/hunting dogs, or performance/agility dogs - as well as for senior dogs.

Which dogs will benefit from Sea Mobility?
All dogs can benefit from Sea Mobility whether they are working/service dogs, performance/agility dogs, field/hunting dogs or just household, family pets who run, jump and play with you. In short, it's for every dog that "has a life" beyond sitting at their owner's feet!

Why should I give my dog Sea Mobility?
Because you, (your pet's guardian), want to support your dog's mobility. It can be used by itself, with Ark Naturals Joint Rescue or with another joint product you currently use. For any dog that needs added joint support or maintenance, Sea Mobility is a necessity.

Available in 9 oz. / approx. 22 strips.

Review Rating: 4.5

Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer: Ark Naturals

Ingredients - Beef/Chicken/Venison/Lamb USDA, Glucosamine (99.9 % pure) (shellfish) 500 mg, Chondroitin (99.9 % pure) (shellfish) 250 mg, Sea cucumber (farm raised) 250 mg, MSM (99.9 % pure) 200 mg, evening primrose oil (omega-6), fish oil (omega-3), gelatin, glycerin, maple syrup, mixed tocopherols, natural smoke flavor, rice flour, salt, tapioca starch.

Suggested Use


Weight Daily Dosage
Up to 15 lbs 1 square
Up to 30 lbs 2 squares
Up to 40 lbs 3 squares
Up to 50 lbs 4 squares
Over 50 lbs 1 additional square for each 15lbs over 50

For dogs and cats 12 weeks and older. Beneficial for dogs with active lifestyles, senior dogs with mobility issues, performance, agility, and service dogs. For dogs 12 weeks and older. OK for cats too if they like the flavor. Use continually for best results.

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