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Whole Food Antioxidant Blend 120 Tablets

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Only Natural Pet Whole Food Antioxidant Blend is a synergistic blend of ingredients formulated to maintain and support a healthy immune system, fight free radical damage and support a healthy, normal aging process.

Why Antioxidants?
Antioxidants have been shown to aid in the elimination of unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative damage, which may contribute to the decline in immune function that occurs during the aging and disease processes.

Why Whole Foods?
Nutrients from whole foods are recognized and assimilated by the body more readily than in their isolated forms.

The list of ingredients included in this comprehensive formula include:

  • Blackberry: Rich in antioxidants to help fight free radicals.
  • Blueberry: A verifiable superfood rich in antioxidants and flavanoids to help fight free radicals.
  • Raspberry: Rich in ellagic acid to help neutralize free radicals. Rich in flavonoids that act as potent antioxidants and support healthy immune function.
  • Acai: The acai berry is one of the richest sources of antioxidant compounds available in nature.
  • Pomegranate: An ancient fruit whose regenerative properties have been celebrated for thousands of years, pomegranate contains multiple potent antioxidant properties to support healthy immune function.
  • Milk Thistle: assists the body in combating environmental pollutants and supports healthy liver function.
  • Turmeric Extract: This antioxidant helps support normal and healthy brain cell function.
  • Green Tea Extract: This herbal has long been used by the Chinese to improve well-being and support a healthy aging process.
  • Astaxanthin: Astaxanthin exhibits strong free radical scavenging activity and protects against oxidative damage of cell membranes, cells, and tissues.
  • Resveratrol: a protective compound produced by grapes and other plants in response to environmental stresses. Studies have demonstrated that it may help prevent free radical damage throughout the body and provide protective support to the cardiovascular system.

This product was made in a FDA-approved facility using human-grade ingredients.

Available in 120 chewable tablets.

This product contains Milk Thistle, which may interfere with the update of P450 drugs.

Only Natural Pet brand products are 100% Guaranteed!

Review Rating: 4.5

Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer: Only Natural Pet

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Active Ingredients
Blackberry (fruit) Extract 4:1 75 mg
Blueberry (fruit) Extract 4:1 75 mg
Cranberry (fruit) Extract 4:1 75 mg
Cabbage Palm [Acai] (fruit) 50 mg
Pomegranate (fruit) 50 mg
Milk Thistle (seed) 45 mg
Decaffeinated Green Tea (leaf) Extract 25 mg
Turmeric (root) 25 mg
Raspberry (leaf) Extract 4:1 18.75 mg
Resveratrol 98% 10 mg
Astaxanthin 0.5 mg

Other Ingredients - Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Natural Turkey Flavor, Silicon Dioxide, Whey Protein Concentrate

Suggested Use

Divide daily dosage between AM & PM

For Dogs

Weight Daily Dosage
Under 25 lbs ½ Tablet
26 to 50 lbs 1 Tablet
51 to 100 lbs 2 Tablets
Over 100 lbs 3 Tablets

For Cats - ¼ tablet daily

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