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Odor Eliminator 22 oz Spray

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For cats and dogs.

PureAyre Odor is the only odor eliminator made from California Class 60 food-grade enzymes. Most enzyme-based odor eliminators contain bacteria that produce the enzymes. PureAyre contains no live bacteria, just pure enzymes. PureAyre actually destroys odors using its powerful enzymes, usually with just one application. Most other deodorizers don't destroy odors; they simply mask them or make your nose less sensitive to odors. The result is that the odors keep coming back and you have to spray again.

Other enzyme-based odor eliminators are not food-grade and contain both the enzymes and the bacteria that produce them. The bacteria are "stressed" or starved to produce the enzymes. However, when the product is applied, the "stressed" bacteria get "fed." They then stop producing the enzymes and the product stops working. These other products often take repeated applications and up to two weeks to work.

As long as it comes into direct contact with the odor source, PureAyre works immediately, meaning you don't have to wait for it to soak in and then dry. And because it breaks apart the molecular compounds causing the odors, it eliminates the odors permanently. PureAyre works on most pet stains, is completely safe for your pet, and works as a general purpose fabric and air freshener as well - all at an affordable price!

Available in 14 oz and 22 oz liquid.

Review Rating: 4

Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer: PureAyre

Ingredients - distilled water, food grade NZ enzyme technology, natural mint, food grade preservative (potassium sorbate)

Suggested Use

For PureAyre to work, it must reach the odor source. If the odor persists after an application, check to make sure you reached all areas from which the odor emanates.

Airborne Odors
Use mist setting, ventilate room or car during application.

Odor Source
Remove or clean odor source. Allow fresh airflow. Test fabrics for color fastness on inconspicuous area. Use stream setting to apply liberally on and around the affect area. For hard surfaces, leather, vinyl and plastic, use mist setting. Wipe off after spraying.

For Animals
PureAyre is safe to spray directly on a cat or dog to remove skunk and other odors. If needed use black light to find pet urine source.

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