Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Litter Multi-Cat

Swheat Scoop Multi-Cat Litter 12 lb.

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Swheat Scoop Multi-Cat Litter 36 lb.

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When you have a high traffic litter box, you need tough working odor neutralizers - that's where sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Litter.

sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat litter clumps faster and firmer than the original formula, getting your litter box ready for the next guest. Plus, the natural enzymes of this 100% wheat litter work around the clock, ensuring superior odor elimination.

Since sWheat Scoop Cat Litter is made from 100% secondary wheat (a renewable resource) from the Midwest, it's better for cats, people and the planet. Unlike traditional clay multi-cat litters which are stip mined and contain harmful chemicals and fragrances, sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat is farmer grown and bagged for purchase - it's that simple.

sWheat Scoop Cat Litter

  • Made from 100% wheat, a renewable resource
  • Clumps quickly and contains natural, odor neutralizing enzymes
  • Completely natural with none of the harmful chemicals found in clay litters
  • 100% biodegradable - better for cats, people and the planet
  • Faster and firmer clumping for multi-cat households

Let your multi-cat household enjoy the superior odor control and firmer clumping of the 100% biodegradable sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat litter.

Available in 14 lb and 36 lb bags.

Review Rating: 5

Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer: Swheat Scoop

Introducing your cat to sWheat Scoop cat litter

Cats are creatures of habit, and can be apprehensive about change, especially when it comes to their litter box. The good news is that sWheat Scoop looks and feels like conventional litter, so the change can be smooth.

Here are some quick tips to follow when introducing your cat to sWheat Scoop:

  • Fill the empty litter box with 3 inches of sWheat Scoop litter, and then pour 1 inch of the brand you’re currently using on the top.
  • Allow your cat to freely mix the products when they are using the litter box.
  • Repeat the process, but this time, only add a half-inch of the other brand on top of the 3 inches of sWheat Scoop.
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