CedarCide Pco Choice Biological Outdoor Insect Control Yard & Lawn Spray -

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  • EPA "Minimum Risk Pesticide" pet friendly pest control safe for children
  • Instant results when applied with a hose end sprayer
  • High concentration, making it extremely effective when diluted
  • No need for protective clothing
  • Excellent exterior treatment
  • A mixing schedule legend on the container's side
  • A safe alternative for all bee pollinators, beneficial insects, lady bugs, butterflies and geckos

Benefits of CedarCide Pco Choice Biological Outdoor Insect Control Yard & Lawn Spray

Rigorous Ingredient Standards

Free from hazardous & harmful chemicals. All product sold here 100% guaranteed to meet our standards

Safe & Effective

Powerful, safe way to prevent fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Combine Forces

Use multiple natural flea & tick control products in combination for maximum protection

Happiness Guarantee

Guaranteed with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Cedarwood Oil

This essential oil kills fleas, ticks & mosquitoes by disrupting their body chemistry & pheromones

1 Treat!

Eliminate a current infestation with natural flea & tick killers: home sprays, powders & shampoos

2 Repel!

Protect your pet with proven natural repellents: squeeze-ons, collars, tags, sprays, wipes & supplements

3 Defend!

Create an invisible barrier around your home with natural flea & tick killers: yard sprays & powders

4 Combine All 3!

Use multiple natural flea & tick products for maximum protection: Treat + Repel + Defend


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