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  • Made with hemp fibers and recycled cotton
  • Durability to withstand heavy chewing
  • Gently flosses dog’s teeth 
  • Supports independent & interactive play
  • 3 knots and braided hemp
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Benefits of Only Natural Pet Hemp and Recycled Cotton Tug & Fetch Dog Toys






Material matters, and we know that sustainable dog toys are great for pets and the planet: 

  • Hemp is a low-water, high-yield crop that helps lower greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Hemp grows densely in abundance, freeing up arable land for other important crops
  • Recycled cotton uses less water and produces fewer CO2 emissions while repurposing what would have been destined for a landfill


Hemp is naturally stong, making it an ideal material for tough, long-lasting dog toys.


Keep your dog entertained day after day with multiple independent and interactive play options.


Made to maximize recycled materials and lower our carbon footprint, hemp dog toys are good for your pet and good for the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Only Natural Pet, we believe one of the best ways to connect with your dog is through play. This is why we developed our durable toys - to keep your dog active and mentally stimulated. This is all part of our mission to support your pet's holistic well-being.

To help support our sustainability mission and B Corp certification, we felt we could make a better toy. This includes increased durability and finding sustainable materials, like post-consumer recycled plastic, recycled organic cotton, and natural hemp.

Hemp is considered one of the strongest, toughest natural fibers. Hemp naturally has very little elasticity, meaning it won't get overstretched after a tough tug-of-war session. Our natural hemp is braided with recycled organic cotton to add strength of material and fun, exciting colors.

Of course, no dog toy is indestructible, and if your dog has a tendency to destroy toys, often when there's a will, there's a way. If your dog manages to destroy one of our hemp and recycled cotton toys, please reach out to our Customer Care Team.

Hemp and recycled cotton are natural, sustainable, and durable textiles for dog toys. Hemp and recycled organic cotton use less water, release less greenhouse gas emissions, and divert waste from landfills. By using these natural textiles, we're able to provide you and your pet with a durable and sustainable dog toy for every way your dog plays.

For many dogs, a game of tug-of-war is their idea of a perfect afternoon. And if you've ever gone back and forth with your pup over a rope, you've likely wondered why this specific game gets them so excited. While experts don't know for certain why tug-of-war is so popular with dogs, there are three popular theories:

  1. It Strengthens the Bond Between Playmates
  2. It Utilizes Their Prey Drive
  3. It Taps Into Your Dog's Natural Instincts
Only Natural Pet is proud to be among 5,000+ companies that are Certified B Corps. B Corps are leaders of the global movement of people using business as a force for good™. Unlike traditional corporations, Certified B Corps are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions not only on their shareholders, but also on their stakeholders, including: workers, suppliers, community, customers, and the environment.


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