Only Natural Pet MaxBlends Grain-Free Beef Recipe Dehydrated Dog Food -

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  • Each 2 lb bag makes up to 8 lbs of freshly prepared food
  • Just add water for a complete, freshly prepared meal
  • Beef as the first ingredient
  • Grain-free mix of dehydrated beef, vegetables & fruit
  • Holistic, vet-approved formula made in the USA
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Boost Your MaxBlends' Flavor & Nutrition

Benefits of Only Natural Pet MaxBlends Grain-Free Beef Recipe Dehydrated Dog Food


Packed with high-quality proteins to help support lean muscles and give dogs the taste they crave.


We guarantee taurine because it's an important amino acid that helps support healthy heart functions.


We formulate our products to support full-body wellness.


Our grain-free recipe is packed with healthy ingredients like chicken, sweet potatoes, spinach, and more.


As a Certified B Corp we meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

Preparing & Serving Dehydrated Food

Due to the low-heat preparation method, dehydrated dog food appears as a powder mixed with small chunks of meat. To prepare, simply mix the food with warm water or bone broth, wait for it to hydrate, and serve.

Have more questions? Read frequently asked questions about dehydrated dog food.

1 Freshly Prepared Nutrition

Dehydrated food retains more nutrients and flavor than traditional kibble due to its unique preparation method.

2 Complete & Balanced

Vet formulated and made in the USA, each meal is carefully crafted with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

3 Just-Add-Water Formula

Just add water, wait, and serve your dog a fresh, highly nutritious meal. No stress, no mess!

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This food is a total hit in our house! I am always worried about my oldest husky who is notoriously picky, but he has licked his bowl dry trying both the chicken and beef recipes. All three of my dogs love the food and digest it well. This food rehydrates SO fast which makes it really convenient over dehydrated foods we have tried in the past.

Julie & Huskies

Frequently Asked Questions

Dehydrated food takes on a powdered form through its unique preparation. The gentle, low-heat cooking process removes moisture yet preserves nutrients and flavor. This yields a powdered texture combined with meat chunks or strips.

Dehydrated dog food should be prepared before serving. Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Mix warm water or bone broth with the food as directed by the package
  2. Stir and allow about 10 minutes for the food to rehydrate
  3. Serve at room temperature and watch your dog’s tail wag!!
This is a result of the dehydration process. Upon rehydration, each dehydrated food bag expands to approximately 4 times its listed weight. For instance, the 2lb bag of MaxBlends Grain-free Beef Dehydrated Dog Food yields up to 8 lbs of food, while the 7 lb bag creates up to 28 lbs.

Dehydrated dog food is prepared with gentle heat to eliminate moisture from fresh ingredients. After this step, it becomes shelf-stable and doesn't need refrigeration. Some fresh frozen foods are cooked at low temperatures, though not dehydrated. That’s why several fresh frozen dog food brands need freezer storage or refrigerator thawing before serving.

Dehydrated dog food appeals to many finicky eaters! Its unique prep preserves the fresh ingredients’ flavors. When rehyrdrated, most dogs love the more intense flavor. However, if your dog still isn’t sold, you can use bone broth instead of water for an extra delicious dish.


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