Only Natural Pet MindfulMeals Black Soldier Fly Larvae Feast Insect Protein Dog Food -

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We value the principles behind this product for both sustainabilty and alternative protien/rotational feeding reasons. Since this product is only being produced in 2023 so we might suggest feeding as a supplemental diet or for rotational feeding. Please don't hestiate to contact us with questions about rotational feeding or how insects are a wonderful choice for a sustainable protein in dog food.


  • Sustainable Insect SuperProtein
  • Good for your pet, good for the earth
  • High protein and high fiber content
  • Rich in iron, calcium, B12 and Omegas 3 & 6
  • With ancient grains, added taurine and probiotics
  • Comes in 8 lb bags only
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Benefits of Only Natural Pet MindfulMeals Black Soldier Fly Larvae Feast Insect Protein Dog Food

High Protein

Insect SuperProtein is a complete protein that helps support lean muscles and give dogs the taste they crave.

Earth Friendly

Sustainable insect protein helps to preserve precious land and water resources and combat climate change.

Heart Healthy

We guarantee taurine because it’s an important amino acid that helps support healthy heart functions.

Delicious Flavor

Highly-palatable recipe features Insect SuperProtein, pumpkin and ancient grains like barley and quinoa. 

One Million Pounds Per Acre

Our insects produce 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 pounds of protein per acre of farmland compared to just 188 for beef. Insects help us combat greenhouse gas emissions, water shortages, climate change and so much more. This means healthy dogs and a healthy planet. Win-win!

1 Powered by Insect SuperProtein

A complete protein full of calcium, iron, B-vitamins, and fatty acids. It’s better nutrition fueled by bugs.

2 Better for the Body

Chock full of protein, fiber, taurine, probiotics and our own PowerBoost Blend to ensure optimal nutrition.

3 Small and Tasty

When it comes to eating insects, 80% of the world can’t be wrong. They're a sustainable and delicious source of protein, vitamins and minerals for both humans and animals.

I wasn’t sure about the whole fly thing but realized how much of a good quality product It is and my 2 dogs loved it.

Stephen I.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to the topic of eating insects, many pet owners in the US will probably cringe. That’s because we tend to associate insects as something undesirable, gross, or creepy. But the truth is that insects have been consumed by not just animals but also people around the world for centuries! Called entomophagy, it's quite common, and currently over 2 billion people globally consume insects as part of their regular diet.

One commonly farmed insect protein source are the larvae of Hermetia illucens, commonly known as black soldier fly larvae or soldier worms. According to one scientific report, the dry weight of black soldier fly larvae contains up to 50% crude protein, up to 35% lipids, and have an amino acid profile that is like that of fishmeal.


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