Only Natural Pet MindfulMeals Vegetarian Feast Dog Food -

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  • Sustainable vegetarian diet
  • Good for your pet, good for the earth
  • Egg-based protein with full amino acid profile
  • High protein and high fiber content
  • With ancient grains, added taurine and probiotics
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Benefits of Only Natural Pet MindfulMeals Vegetarian Feast Dog Food

High Protein

Packed with high-quality egg and plant-based protein to help support lean muscles and give dogs the taste they crave.

Vegetarian Dog Food

Egg-based vegetarian recipe is suitable for vegetarian households or flexitarian dog diets.

Earth Friendly

Vegetarian recipe helps to preserve precious land and water resources and combat climate change. 

Delicious Flavor

Highly-palatable recipe features egg, pumpkin and ancient grains like barley and quinoa. 

Heart Healthy

We guarantee taurine because it’s an important amino acid that helps support healthy heart functions.

Mindful Mouthfuls

By filling your pup’s bowl full of egg and plant-based protein, you are helping preserve precious land and water resources and combat climate change by choosing a food that has lower greenhouse gas emissions than most standard dog foods. 

1 Meat Free - Protein Full

Made with a powerhouse of plant-based protein and eggs- a complete protein with a full amino acid profile. 

2 Thoughtfully Made

Our recipe is full of the essential nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and superfood power your pup needs to thrive. 

3 Carbon Neutral

We offset the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of this product by purchasing carbon offsets in partnership with Carbon Credit Capital. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Whether your dog is on a complete vegetarian diet, including vegetarian food, or a flexitarian that enjoys a Meatless Monday every once in a while, dogs can definitely enjoy a vegetarian diet.
Carbon neutral means this product had zero net greenhouse gas emissions. Since we currently need to release greenhouse gas emissions to produce our products, we offset those by partnering with Carbon Credit Capital to calculate the amount released and then investing in projects that prevent an equal amount of emissions from entering the atmosphere. These projects include rainforest preservation and biogas capturing.


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