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  • Case of 6 (12 oz bone broths)
  • Nutrient-rich bone broth
  • Antibiotic, hormone, and steroid-free
  • Supports healthy digestion, skin and coat
  • 100% traceable ingredients
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Open Farm's Commitment to Quality, Transparency, and Sustainability

Better Ingredients

Open Farm meticulously sources the finest ingredients from around the world, rigorously auditing every meat provider to ensure they meet top-tier standards. 

Creating a Better Future, Today

By 2030, Open Farm pledges to reduce their carbon footprint by 42% through a multi-step strategy to significantly reduce carbon emissions, because without a thriving planet, nothing is possible.

Sourcing Standards

Open Farm's sources all meat with a commitment to animal welfare, partnering with certification bodies to ensure the highest standards, resulting in healthier, more nutritious beef, pork, and poultry for your pet.

Traceable Ingredients

Detailed ingredient lists are good, but tracking every single thing in your pet’s bowl back to its source is even better. Trace the source of every ingredient in every bag instantly by scanning the lot code on the bag.

Open Farm Bone Broth Topper

This nutritious multi-pack of Open Farm bone broth for dogs and cats features humanely raised turkey, chicken, and grass-fed beef bones that are slow-cooked with functional ingredients like non-GMO pumpkin, carrot, and turmeric. Serve as a kibble topper or use to rehydrate freeze-dried recipes for a wholesome and delicious addition to your pet's diet.


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