Food Recommendation for a Cat With Abnormal Urine Problems

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team

What's the Best Food for a Cat with Difficulty Urinating?


My girl friend recently brought her cats to you and has been delighted with the turn-around in her kitties' health. I too am having problems... I recently started feeding my cat "Prairie" dry food because he has abnormal urine problems and almost died a year ago. After two weeks on the diet one part of his urine sample was much better, however his pH remains at 8. Is this the proper food for him? He likes it so much better than his vet recommended food.


I suggest that you try to feed as little dry kibble to your cat as possible and instead feed a high quality canned food, like Nature's Variety Instinct canned cat food or other similar quality brands.  If you are open to introducing raw food into his diet, that would be even better.  Cats do not tolerate grains well and especially cats with urinary problems should eat as little grain in their diet as possible.  You might find the articles on our site What You Need to Know About Your Pet’s Food and Treating Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease helpful.