Fleago Natural Flea Control

Fleago Natural Flea Control 2 lbs

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For cats and dogs.

Attention Customer:

Unfortunately, Fleago Natural Flea Control has been discontinued and is no longer available.

If you're looking for a comparable replacement, we recommend Only Natural Pet EasyDefense All-in-One Flea Remedy.

Only Natural Pet EasyDefense All-in-One Flea Remedy:

  • Proven natural flea fighting power of geraniol & peppermint oils in calcium carbonate powder.
  • Safe for dogs, cats and people, this easy to use powder can be applied to bedding, furniture, and even directly to your pet's fur.
  • Natural formula contains NO nasty chemicals, pesticides, or organophosphate insecticides.
All in One Flea Remedy
All in One Flea Remedy

Rid your house of fleas all year with one easy application. Fleago is a nontoxic borate crystal salt that dissolves the waxy protective coating on fleas, eggs, and larvae. Because its killing action is mechanical, not chemical, fleas cannot become immune to its effects. Allow two to four weeks for all fleas to disappear.

About Borates

Borate is a popular ingredient found in many natural pest control products. It is a material made from Boron; a compound found in nature and used in many everyday products like soap and laundry detergents. Borate is often misunderstood since technically it is a pesticide as it does kill pests; however it is much safer for users than synthetic pesticides.

In pest control products, borate is found in powder form. This powder serves as an agent that is extremely abrasive to an insect’s exoskeleton and dehydrates it from within. It is effective because the insect cannot build a resistance to it, and it affects insects at all life stages. Results may take a few days to become apparent, but the product will continue to work for up to a year. Borate is odorless, colorless and has no harsh chemicals. Borate products can be applied directly to surfaces, and pose a very low risk to those in direct contact with it when used correctly.

Please note that there will be a strongly worded warning on the label that is mandated by the government, although as with all household products containing such warnings, when used correctly Fleago is quite safe. We have never had a report of an adverse reaction and have used this product ourselves.

Comes in a recyclable #1 PETE container.

Available in 2 lbs. (will cover approximately 1,000 sq. ft.)

Review Rating: 4.5

Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer: Fleago

Shipping Weight: 2.2

Ingredients - 99% Boric acid & 1% inert ingredients consisting of anti-clumping & Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Baking Soda ™ . No fragrance.

Suggested Use

Do not apply to pets.

For Carpets

  • Vacuum all carpeted areas in your home, and apply to dry carpet only.
  • By shaking container from side to side, lightly sprinkle Fleago evenly over entire carpeted areas, including under beds and furniture where carpet can be seen.
  • Any powder visible after application must be brushed into carpet fibers or removed.
  • Wait at least five days and then vacuum treated areas.

For Upholstery

  • Remove loose cushions.
  • Apply along creases and in furniture creases.
  • Do not apply product on top of cushions.
  • Any product visible after application should be removed.

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