Top 7 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month 2021

Written by: Richard Rowlands, Pet Health Expert

May is National Pet Month, and it’s the perfect excuse to celebrate the pets in your life. There are so many ways to celebrate this month, so we’ve put together a list of seven fun activities you can enjoy with your pet during National Pet Month.

1) Head Outside for a Spring Walk

The weather is beginning to improve across the country, so there’s no better way to celebrate National Pet Month than by heading out for a spring walk. Walks aren’t just reserved for dogs, and your cats may enjoy exploring your local neighborhood this month. As the weather is getting warmer, we recommend heading out to explore new parks and trails in your local area. You’ll be surprised by the hidden gems you’ll find by venturing away from your regular route.

Make sure you have the right harness and leash for your pet.

2) Put a Playdate on the Calendar

If your dog or cat has a friend they particularly enjoy meeting up with, consider hosting a playdate in your garden or a local dog park. This will be a fun occasion for everyone involved, and your pet will have a fantastic time playing with their pal. You’ll also help spread the word about National Pet Month to other pet owners, who might want to have a go at some of the fun suggestions on our list themselves.

3) Bake a Healthy Cake for Your Pet

No celebration is complete without a cake, and your pet will love it when you bake a healthy cake for them for National Pet Month. Just as you’d find for humans, there are loads of recipes online for healthy cakes for dogs, cats, and many other types of pets.

Don’t treat baking a cake for your pet in the same way as you would a human cake and be very careful about the ingredients you use in the recipe. However, you’ll find there are lots of pet-safe ingredients that you can use in the mixture, so you can fully customize the cake to your pet’s tastes. A cake for your pet can still be frosted and decorated in a similar manner to our cakes, using ingredients that they’ll absolutely love eating.

4) A Pet Photography Session

If you haven’t taken many photos of your pet recently, consider commissioning a portrait of your pet for National Pet Month. You could either work with a local pet photographer or a local artist to create a piece of artwork you’ll love displaying on your walls for years to come.

We think pet portraits are the ideal way to memorialize your pet during different stages of their life, and you can even create funny and themed photos with your dog or cat. Pet photographers and artists are experienced at working with animals of all types and will know how to capture your pet’s personality in a single image.

5) Throw a Party for Your Pet

You don’t have to keep the celebrations this month low key, and instead, you can opt to host a huge celebration for your pet for National Pet Month. Invite your friends and family members around with their pets for a day your whole family will remember forever. You can decorate your home with themed decorations and then put together a whole host of snacks and games that the pets will enjoy.

6) Donate to a Local Charity or Shelter

While most of the celebrations we’ve highlighted today focus on your pet, consider giving back to the local animal community this month. You can donate in your family or your pet’s name to a local animal shelter, which will help to look after other animals in the region.

For many charities, the past year has been incredibly challenging, so celebrate their hard work this month by donating supplies or money towards their efforts.

7) Visit a Pet Spa

Pets deserve pampering just as much as humans, and with the increase in pet spas across the country, you’ll have no trouble finding somewhere to take your dog or cat for a pamper session. You’ll find many of these venues offer single treatments or full spa day packages for your cat or dog. Offer your pet a relaxing day out, which will show them just how much you love them this National Pet Month.


National Pet Month is the perfect excuse to celebrate our pets. All of these ideas listed above are a great way to show your pet how much you care for them, and you’ll have just as much fun as they do celebrating together this May.