Every Day is Earth Day at Only Natural Pet

Written by: Andy Downs, Sustainability Manager

At Only Natural Pet, environmental sustainability is part of everything we do. From our B Corp certification to on-site recycling and composting programs, we continue to use business as a force for good.

Choosing between what’s best for your pet or the planet doesn’t have to be a choice. That’s why we’re most proud of the quality of our products. From sustainable proteins to regenerated organic cotton, we’re innovating to make the best, most sustainable pet products available.

This Earth Day, we want to celebrate some of our favorite sustainability programs and products… and this is just the beginning!    

Carbon Neutral

With over 50 products certified carbon neutral, we’re leading the way to combat climate change. When you purchase a bag of PowerFood, PowerFusion, PowerGrains, beds, toys, or several other products, we calculate the carbon produced from raw materials to delivery to your door, and then offset it.

By partnering with Carbon Credit Capital (a fellow B Corp), we ensure our carbon offsets are responsible and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The two programs we’re currently involved with are a rainforest preservation project and a livestock methane capture program.

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Sustainable Ingredients

As we continue to bring your pets the healthiest food a bag can offer, we’re innovating sustainable options without sacrificing nutrition and flavor. This Earth Day, we have grown our sustainable food and treat lines, making what could be the most sustainable pet food ever.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Insect Protein

Our Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) dry dog food utilizes insect protein as the main ingredient! BSFL is a complete protein, packed with amino acids, all while using less water, less land and emitting less greenhouse gases.

Earth Friendly Treats

Don’t forget the treats! This year, we released our plant-based ProteinBites. These jerky treats for dogs use upcycled ingredients, which are the beets, apples, blueberries, and bananas that are too “ugly” to make it to the grocery store shelf, but are just as nutritious. Along with those, we’ve included delicious vegetarian flavors that your dog will love.

Sustainable Materials

When making our new beds and toys, we wanted to find the most sustainable materials we could while still making the quality toys and comfy beds your pets love.

Regenerated Cotton

Some of Only Natural Pet's new toys and beds use regenerated cotton. Regenerated cotton uses fresh recycled scrap fabrics from the home & fashion industry. The leftover scraps are regenerated into a recycled fiber and then spun back into yarn. The amount of water and CO2 needed is less than the amount used to grow and generate virgin cotton while diverting discarded cotton from landfills.

Hemp Fabric

Our new line of hemp toys and beds take sustainability to a whole new level! Hemp fibers are processed without harsh chemicals via warm water retting. Unlike cotton, hemp plants are hardy in severe heat or cold and require little water and rain to foster good growth. Hemp can grow 12 feet in only 3-4 months, with only small amounts of fertilizer and no pesticides or herbicides!

Recycled PET Fill

The regenerated Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) fill used in Only Natural Pet toys & beds is sourced from scraps made during water bottle processing. Scraps are shredded into flakes, shaped into pellets, and then made into yarns. The yarn is then used to fill our toys and beds. Recycled PET gives off 75% less CO2 emissions and diverts plastic from landfills!

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Recycled Packaging

As we continue to bring out these sustainable products, we want to make sure their packaging is sustainable as well! That's why we're exploring options like post-consumer recycled plastic in our ProteinBites bags. 

Post-consumer recycled plastic is plastic that was already used once, and then repurposed into another product. In the case of our treat bags, 25% of the bag comes from recycled milk jugs.

Moving Forward

As we continue to make the healthiest products available for your dog and cat, we're making sure they're the healthiest for the planet as well. That's why this Earth Day, as we celebrate our environmental sustainability initiatives, we're also looking forward to what opportunities lie ahead.

Working with our partners like B Corp and Pet Sustainability Coalition, we're excited about the future and we appreciate you joining us on this journey.