In the News: Insect Protein Is Catching On

Written by: Andy Downs, Editor-in-Chief Only Natural Pet

As innovators in pet nutrition and sustainability, Only Natural Pet is always trying to find solutions to make our pet's health (and our planet's) better. That's why we worked with our holistic veterinarian to develop MindfulMeals Black Soldier Fly Larvae Insect Protein dry dog food.

Black soldier fly meal is a complete protein (with full spectrum amino acids), but doesn't just stop there! Since insects aren't commonly found in pet foods, it's a perfect protein for rotational feeding and for dogs with food sensitivities.

Plus, insect protein helps fight climate change and water shortages. For every acre of farmland, black soldier fly larvae meal produces up to 2,000,000 pounds of protein, compared to 297 pounds of poultry protein per acre, and 188 pounds of beef protein per acre.

But we're not the only ones talking about insect protein in dog food:

Washington Post

This article focuses on getting over the "yuck" factor of feeding bugs, and realizing how insect protein can offer sustainability to the fast growing pet industry.

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Petfood Industry News

This article focuses on the palatability, digestibility, and health of insect protein diets. Looking at various studies, it makes the case that going bug for your pet is an "easy swap".

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Focusing on sustainable growth, this article discusses how feeding pets insect-based proteins can help combat climate change, especially in a booming pet industry.

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National Public Radio

As pet populations grow, food insecurity for pets is growing as well. This article looks at insect protein as a novel solution to this dangerous problem.

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Examining the health aspects of insect protein, this article shares the thoughts of a number of veterinarians on how healthy insect protein can be for our companion animals.

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Learning More

If you're interested in learning more about insect protein diets and treats, make sure you check out our article "The Surprising Benefits of Insect Protein for Dogs" in our Holistic Healthcare Library.