Safety Tips, Tricks and Treats for a Pet-Friendly Halloween

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team

It's that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner, and it's never too early to start getting your pet ready for this spooky holiday. In this blog post, we'll give you a helping hand by sharing our top 6 ways to treat your pet for Halloween. We’ll also provide some Halloween safety tips, so your pet can enjoy mostly treats, with little tricks.

1) Visit a Pet-Friendly Pumpkin Patch

If you're a pup parent, a visit to a pet-friendly pumpkin patch can be a fun and festive day out. Before making the trip, call ahead to make sure your local pumpkin patch is dog friendly. It's also worth considering your dog's temperament and whether they're the type of pet to enjoy a busy environment.

When you're at the pumpkin patch, always keep your dog on a leash and out of off-limits areas. It's also important to bring essentials like poop bags, treats, water, and a collapsible bowl for your pet to drink from.

2) Throw a Halloween Pet Party

Everyone loves a good party, and pets are no exception! So, why not invite friends and family members with pets to your home for a festive Halloween party? Prepare for your party by hanging decorations like paper lanterns and spooky signs out of reach of prying paws. Avoid decorations like candles and jack-o-lanterns that can be dangerous for curious pets. Fake cobwebs and glow sticks that are bad for pets can also look like a tempting toy; cats especially love to chew on these.

If you decide to dress up your pet, make sure that their costume is a good fit and safe for them to wear. Your pet should be able to walk, eat, drink, and breathe comfortably while wearing the outfit. If there is any kind of rubbing or constriction, it can remove fur and irritate your pet’s skin. Also, keep it simple so your pet isn’t tempted to think the costume is a toy.

Finally, prepare some fun games and tasty treats for your human and non-human guests to enjoy!

3) Play Pet-Friendly Halloween Games

Halloween games can be lots of fun for pets and pet parents alike. A treat treasure hunt and "bobbing" for treats are two games that will keep pets entertained. For the treat treasure hunt, hide some tasty treats throughout your home, and let your four-legged friends sniff them out.

"Bobbing" for treats is a game that requires pets to use their natural instincts. Fill up a puzzle toy with some treats, then let pets try to fish them out! For added fun, turn on some spooky Halloween music to get everyone in the mood.

4) Give Your Pet Some Tasty Halloween Treats

No Halloween party is complete without treats, so make sure to provide some tasty snacks for your furry friends. You can bake your own Halloween pet treats at home using safe, pet-friendly ingredients. Avoid ingredients like chocolate, raisins, xylitol, and macadamia nuts, as they are highly toxic to pets.

Not the baking type? No problem! Visit our online store and choose from a range of safe, nutritious, and delicious Halloween pet treats like these Pumpk'n Nutters and Monster Munch Dog Treats from Bocce's Bakery. The safe, wholesome treats are made from organic ingredients and feature fun flavors your pet will drool over!

5) Cuddle up With Your Pet and Watch a Scary Movie

Are you looking forward to a more relaxed Halloween? Then cuddle up with your pet and watch a scary movie at home. It's an ideal way to spend Halloween if you don't like the busy vibe of trick-or-treating or attending parties, but still want to get in the spirit of things!

Family-friendly Halloween movies are a great choice for watching with cats and dogs. Movies like Hocus Pocus, Frankenweenie, and Spooky Buddies all feature pets, and they won't scare your four-legged friends!

6) Get a Halloween Gift for Your Furry Friend

Halloween is a spooky holiday, but it's also the perfect time to spoil your pet with a special gift. Visit our Howl-O-Ween Pet Shop today for festive gifts that will have your pets howling with excitement.

Choose from favorites like P.L.A.Y's Ghoulish Grave, Pup's Potion, and Canine Corn Halloween dog toys, or stock up on delicious treats like these Pumpkin Nut Partay Flavor dog treats from Shameless Pets.

Halloween is a great time to have fun with your furry family members. Our list of 6 ways to treat your pet should give you some ideas for doing just that! Whether hosting a pet party, playing games, or watching scary movies together, there are plenty of activities for humans and animals alike. We hope these tips were helpful in getting started planning Halloween festivities with your four-legged friends this year.