Top Tips to Find the Best Pet Sitter or Walker in 2021

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team

Pets are a wonderful addition to any family. They provide unconditional love and companionship, but with that comes responsibility. If you're a pet parent, you'll know that it's not always easy to find the right person to take care of your furry friend when you're at work or out of town. But don't worry, we've got you covered! In this post, we'll share 5 practical tips to help you find the best pet sitter or walker in 2021.

1) Find Someone With Experience Caring for Animals

There's nothing worse than trusting your beloved pet to someone who doesn't know what they're doing. When hiring a pet sitter or walker, there are a few qualities that you should look for.

First, make sure your prospective pet sitter or walker is experienced in animal care. Second, be sure that the person has a good understanding of your pet's health needs and behavior patterns. Finally, before hiring them, you should check on their references and read online reviews from past customers. It can also be helpful to ask friends and family if they have any recommendations.

2) Ask Them About Their Safety Protocols

Before hiring a pet sitter or walker, ask them about the precautions they take to keep your animal safe. In order for an animal to be happy, they need to feel loved and cared for. You'll want to find someone who's dependable and capable of caring for your pet while you're away.

The best pet sitters and walkers have strict protocols when it comes to safety. Here are some questions you can ask to get a better idea of the safety protocols they have in place:

  • What will happen if there is an emergency while the animals are being cared for?
  • How do you handle animals that are aggressive or have behavioral issues?
  • What do you do if an animal is lost or in danger?
  • Do you have any contingency plans in case of natural disasters?

3) Make Sure They Have Liability Insurance

You don't want to be left in a situation where your pet is injured, and you're stuck. Liability insurance protects pet owners against financial loss if their animals are injured or get lost while they're being cared for. To ensure safety, you should always verify that a pet sitter or walker has liability insurance before hiring them.

4) Ask About Their Prices

Just like anything else, pricing varies from person to person. Some pet sitters will charge per day, others may charge hourly or by the task (e.g., feeding your pet). You may also find pet sitters or walkers who offer different rates for different packages. Some offer an all-inclusive deal, while others simply provide basic care. Ask about rates before hiring anyone to avoid surprises down the line.

5) Meet Them in Person

Finally, once you've narrowed down your list of candidates to one or two people, it's time to meet! It's usually best if this meeting takes place at your home around the time that the person would care for your animal under their watch. You could also host your first meeting in a public place, such as a local park.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, there are a few factors to consider when selecting the best pet sitter or walker. Make sure that they have experience caring for animals and ask about their safety protocols as well as liability insurance. You should also find out what type of rates they charge before hiring them, so you're not surprised down the line. Finally, have a face-to-face encounter with the person you plan to hire to make sure they'll be a good fit for your pet!

We hope these tips will help you find someone great who can provide excellent care of your furry friends while you're away from home!