We Believe Black Lives Matter

Written by: Only Natural Pet

We at Only Natural Pet unequivocally condemn racism and inequality in all its forms.

We believe that #BlackLivesMatter. We must acknowledge and actively address the systemic racism and fundamental injustices endemic in our society.

As a Certified BCorporation, we have always been vocal about our commitment to environmental sustainability. However, we acknowledge that we have work to do to honor our commitment to social justice.

We are working on specific actions that include:

People - reviewing and improving our recruitment and hiring practices to ensure staff diversity.

Culture - committing to required training for all team members and expanding our team resource groups to foster an anti-racist environment.

Community - expanding our supplier code of conduct to explicitly include anti-racist practices and auditing our partnerships to make sure they include Black-owned businesses.

At Only Natural Pet our mission is to support long and healthy lives for pets and along that journey we are dedicated to pursuing environmental sustainability and social justice. As part of that mission we are listening, we will put in the work, and we are committed to doing better.

Only Natural Pet