Pet Foods with a Degree in Biology

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team

When you hear the word “biology,” what do you think of? Your junior year in high school? Snorkeling with tropical fishes or taking a walk in the woods? Here at Only Natural Pet, when we hear it, we think of formulating new and exciting varieties of pet foods and treats… because biology is the basis for everything we put our name on.

Here’s a brief look at the process we use to create our pet foods. Once you have a chance to think about it, we think you’ll agree that everyone should follow this kind of rigorous, science-based development process—even if lots of brands don’t.

Carnivore Infographic

Your Little Carnivore

It may be hard to believe when they’re snuggled up next to us, but our cats and dogs at home are near-identical genetic matches to decidedly non-snuggly wildcats and wolves. They are true carnivores with digestive systems that are specifically tuned to accommodate (and thrive with) the consumption of raw meat.

Paleo for Pets

The ideal diets for our pets include fresh foods that align with their natural biology—a minimally processed, high-protein diet that resembles the “Paleo” diet followed by some humans.

Only Natural Pet believes that cats and dogs deserve a biologically appropriate diet based on four key rules:

1. Includes as much high-quality animal protein as possible
2. Offers critically needed dietary moisture
3. Contains moderate amounts of healthy animal fats
4. Is minimally processed and as close to raw as possible

If that sounds like like the Paleo diet your Crossfit-crazy neighbor is constantly talking about, you’re right. It just happens to be perfect for pets… because of biology.

The Only Natural Pet Development Process

All of our products follow the same path from idea to development to store.

  1. Carefully examine pets’ biology to determine what their bodies need to thrive
  2. Formulate with our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jean, to ensure we’re supporting full-body wellness through whole-food nutrition
  3. Carefully select human-grade natural ingredients that are free from contaminants and anything artificial
  4. Create packaging in our hometown of Boulder, Colorado (birthplace of the natural foods movement for humans) with a commitment to transparent marketing

Let’s be honest. Some pet companies don’t follow the same rigorous process. But as an Only Natural Pet customer, you already know that—in fact, that’s probably why you became a customer in the first place.

It’s true that domestic pets can digest biologically inappropriate ingredients like high-glycemic carbohydrates and grains. But the same can be said for that fast-food double cheeseburger we all sneak every once in a while. We can digest them, but we won’t thrive based on the nutrition they provide. Wouldn’t you rather help your pets do more than merely survive?

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