Top 10 Cat Myths

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team

Top Ten Cat Myths

Cats have always been shrouded in mystery, and it's from this status that so many cat myths have arisen. Unfortunately, not every myth is based in fact. Read our article about cat myths to get a little better understanding of what your feline is feeling!

1. All cats are loners: Many cats love company and spending time with their humans. It's not unusual for a cat to follow you around and try to 'help' with whatever chores you're doing - from typing emails to wrapping packages.Read the Article: Is it Okay to Spoil Your Cat and Pamper Your Pooch? >

2. A purring cat is always a happy cat: Cats purr when they’re happy, but also when they’re anxious or nervous, during trips to the vet for example. Pay attention to the overall body language of a cat to fully understand the meaning behind a purr.Explore natural remedies for stress & anxiety >

3. You can't teach a cat to do tricks: Not true! Many cats will eagerly perform tricks for yummy treats, and some play fetch! Explore these yummy cat treats which will have your cat doing tricks in no time

4. It’s normal for a cat to throw up a lot because of hairballs.While the occasional episode due to hairballs shouldn’t cause concern, consistent vomiting is a sign of GI issues which should be treated promptly.Discover Hairball Chewables >

5. Eating grass = A sick cat or an upset stomach: It’s believed that grass is a normal part of a cat’s ancestral diet, consumed in the belly of their prey. Many cats eat grass because it tastes good, or because they crave certain nutrients missing from their food.Discover Super Daily Greens >

6. Cats don’t need much exercise: Cats need playtime and exercise just as much as dogs – or humans, for that matter! Especially for indoor cats, regular playtime with stimulating toys is very important.Explore these toys to keep your cat entertained >

7. Giving supplements to a cat is a painful & difficult process: Not true! Many supplements come in powders, tasty chewables, or even treats - and pill pockets can work wonders.Explore these tasty functional treats! >

8. Cats don’t need water: Cats traditionally got enough water from their prey, but a cat on a dry food diet will definitely need to drink water, and won’t always have the natural instinct to drink enough water on their own. An automatic water fountain often helps with this issue.Explore these bowls & automatic fountains >

9. MYTH: Cats get stiff when they get old (FACT: They get old when they get stiff!)Just like humans, you're not old till you feel old! Keep your cat playing like a kitten with joint health support.Explore Joint Support for Cats >

10. Changing foods is bad for your cat's digestion: Would you want to eat dry cereal 3x/day every day? And changing up foods means overall better nutrition too, as long as it's healthy, high-quality foods.Read the Article: What You Need to Know About Your Pet's Food >