Your rebate is calculated quarterly and distributed in January, April, July & October. You will receive an email announcing your rebate amount at the beginning of each Rebate redemption period.

Accrual Period: Jan 1 - Mar 31 | Redemption Period: Apr 15 - May 15

Accrual Period: Apr 1 - Jun 30 | Redemption Period: Jul 15 - Aug 15

Accrual Period: Jul 1 - Sep 30 | Redemption Period: Oct 15 - Nov 15

Accrual Period: Oct 1 - Dec 31 | Redemption Period: Jan 15 - Feb 15

You receive a 5% on all Only Natural Pet brand products, and 2.5% on products from all other brands. All purchases qualify for a rebate, including sale items, discounts, and Auto Delivery orders. 

Rebates are issued quarterly on the 15th of the month in April, July, October and January. They expire 30 days after they are issued. We'll send you an email with your rebate amount when they go live.  

All orders placed, including Auto Delivery are eligible for rebate %. However, your quarterly rebate can't be automatically applied to a current Auto Delivery. Most customers consider an extra small purchase with their rebate to take advantage of the rebate program. .